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Zambeza Seeds is a seed bank based in Europe that got its beginnings while breeding ganja seeds in Holland. They have been in the business for over fifteen years, and they only grow feminized seeds. They have a total of forty-four strains available, twenty-five of which are feminized, and the other nineteen are autoflowering feminized. The top feminized seeds that they highlight are the strains Power Plant XL, Crazy Cookies, Critical XXL, Power Kush, and Northern Lights XL. There are some stand out autoflowering feminized strains too, such as Big Bud XXL Autoflowering, White Widow XL Autoflowering, Power Plant XL Autoflowering, Silver Haze Autoflowering, and Amnesia Haze Autoflowering. On the main page where the types of strains are displayed, you get a unique description on each of the specialized strains. You even get a minute-long graphic video that you can view on YouTube that will show you details of the strain such as genetics, height, flavor, effect, and so on. When you click on any individual seed, you get a description and a bit of history on that strain. You may or may not get a data sheet that shows the genetics, THC content, yield and other specific grow info. And some strains may have reviews and customer pictures as well. You can order seeds in packs of three, five or ten. You can also order in bulk, in packs of 100 seeds. The biggest issue, which is perhaps the most important, is that you cannot make purchases of any kind on the website at this time. They have other products on the site like CBD oil, booster tablets, merchandise, and more, but you can’t purchase those either. They have decided to suspend the feature of purchasing in order to focus on seed development, which they indicate in a message on their site long after you’re excited to select and buy your seeds. They do have two sister sites, cibdol.com and zamnesia.com. The former sells CBD and CBN health products and skin products, and the latter is a more robust site that sells actual cannabis seeds along with vapes, CBD products, mushrooms, peppers, bongs, and a whole list of other items. All three websites are professionally designed and easy to navigate. Zambeza Seeds in particular has a white background, with various shades of green beautifully arranged throughout. When they do sell their products, they deliver to 18 different countries, including Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and France. They have a blog page that has useful articles like ‘How To Decarboxylate Cannabis’ and ‘Which Cannabis Medium Is The Cheapest,’ though it hasn’t been updated since 2020. They also have all of their strains catalogued in a beautifully designed PDF that you can download and keep for your own personal viewing. This catalogue will show you the price for three, five, and ten seeds, and all the relevant information that you would want like the THC content, genetics, type, yield, height, flowering time, taste, and effect.

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