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Weedseeds Express

Weedseeds Express has a great reputation on the internet. It’s consistently voted one of the top ten online cannabis seed banks in America. They advertise both a delivery and germination guarantee, as well as same day shipping, on the very top header of their site. The site header has three components, one of which is this guarantee spot, combined with a place to choose the language and currency to view the site in. This is also where you log into their site if you have an account with them. Below that is a search field and a shopping cart, with the logo of the company acting as a Home button. On the bottom tier of their header is a really easy to use navigation bar that presents their entire catalog by style of seed including Feminized, Autoflowering, High CBD, Sales, and just your standard Weed Seeds. Rolling over the Weed Seeds section gives you a drop down menu with even more ways to engage with their catalog. It’s further organized into Flowering Type, the type of seed you’re looking for, the Cultivation Method you’re hoping to use, and even the Strain Type organized into some of the major families. Weedseeds Express carries eighty-seven different feminized strains, thirty-three autoflowers, sixteen high CBD, and five regular unsexed strains. They sell them in packs of either five or ten. Some of the more expensive seeds get significantly cheaper when you buy the ten packs. Weedseeds Express ships to Canada, America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and some really random parts of the Pacific Islands, like Reunion. They take international bank wire transfers, cash payments, cryptocurrencies, and Mastercard, but not interac e-Transfers.

When it comes to their search and filter interface, Weedseeds Express has a great thing going on. You can filter your results according to THC and CBD level, yield, height, growers level of experience, and climate. This climate filter is one we don’t see very often, and it’s super helpful to see on a site like this. The photos that accompany their stock are really lovely. The lack of background or branding allows users of the site to really get a sense of how different cannabis strains differ between one another. Our one complaint is that they don’t allow you to organize seeds by price on the main search page. Clicking on each product takes you to its page, where each strain is given a one hundred word blurb and a list of reasons why that particular strain is worth having. If you click on the Read More link, a whole lot more information appears including some growing tips for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, notes on flowering time but also the appearance of them and how to care for them, the plant’s height overall, an estimation on the final yields both indoors and outdoors, potential side effects of ingesting the smoke, and the smell and tastes of the buds. This site is awesome!

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