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The site, Weed Seeds CA, has been running since late 2015. At first it was just an RSS feed for cannabis information. Later it also became an outlet for Attitude and Sensi Seeds. A quick scan of their archived websites shows they are also affiliated with i49 and Kind Seed. Nowadays when you hit this site, it asks if you are shopping in Canada or the United States. If you choose Canada, it takes you to the Crop Seed King homepage. If you choose America, it takes you to a site that suggests you visit either Home Grown Cannabis Company, Weed Seeds USA, Kind Seed, or i49. This review is about Weed Seeds CA, so we’ll leave the other sites to their own reviews. It does seem like Weed Seeds generally only ship to either Canada or America, though we have heard that Weed Seeds USA also has an European affiliate somewhere.

The header at the top of Weed Seeds CA has a link to writeups describing the scenario around growing and purchasing cannabis in Canada’s ten provinces and three territories. Topics include a summary of some of the best seeds for each spot, how to buy from a reputable seed bank in that province or territory, the best online stores for cannabis in the area versus brick and mortar stores that also carry cannabis or cannabis-related products, the best CBD products available, and a guide to some of the gummies, vapes, and oils around, some of them made locally. The articles continue with a list of some of the best accessories, the best sativas to grow there, the best indicas to try out, and some of the highest THC seeds or strains you can find in the region. There’s also some good growing information on these blog posts, including reasons for growing your own seeds. Once they’ve told you why it’s a good idea, they give you helpful tips on how to plan a garden or growing room in advance and when to sprout your seeds. After that, they provide a quick rundown of what it might be like to grow cannabis there. From there they go into some tips on harvesting, preserving and storing flowers, smoking, eating, and drinking cannabis products, the cannabis culture of the area, how to buy seeds and medical cannabis, and the history of cannabis legalization in the province or territory. These are quite interesting reads for the most part, though this company loves to interject pitches for their wares in blurbs that are otherwise informative write ups about the history, trends, culture, laws, and complexities of cannabis in Canada. I guess if you’re providing that much interesting free information, it’s fine to slip an ad or two in there for your trouble. Overall it’s not that invasive, and the writeups themselves seem to be very up to date. Their footer says that Weed Seeds Canada helps people who grow cannabis at home get access to high quality genetics via their partner organizations, which explains all the redirects. Well done!

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