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Tweed is a Canadian legal market cannabis grower who supplies to government stores across the country. They started out in Ontario in 2018, and were the first Canadian cannabis manufacturer trusted to legally export their products. Their stock is often accessibly priced, and consists of classic strains like Blue Dream and Sensi Star. They don’t sell seeds for the most part, so don’t be confused if you get to their site and can’t find them. Instead, they provide flowers including both buds and pre-rolled joints, cannabis-infused beverages and gummies, vape pens, topical and edible oils, softgel pills, and other edibles including gummies. Their Vault section is a collection of information related to the legalization of cannabis across Canada. The subsection How To is a list of recipes for using cannabis to cook with at home. They’re known to Canadian dispensary regulars for having some pretty quality products at affordable prices. This site allows for the sale of branded clothing and a small line of paraphernalia, including pipes, bongs, hitters, smelly proof bags, cones, tips, rolling trays, brush and gel sets for cleaning your pipes, rolling papers, lighters, screens, dot wipes, vaporizers, vaporizer batteries, and grinders.

This website is really well laid out and provides a lot of information about the company. We like that it’s so easy to see what strains and products they’re currently running. They have little blurbs about each stain they carry, including information on the general level of THC and CBD in them. Their gummies write ups are a nice mix of flavor and dosage information. We’d appreciate a little bit more information about exactly how much THC or CBD are in some of their mixes, particularly their softgels and oils, but we understand that that can cause some trouble when batch potency varies. It would also be super helpful to have some pricing on here. Many Tweed products come in one of four flavors including Tweed, Bakerstreet, Houndstooth, and Penelope, for which information is minimal. This one seems like a larger oversight, considering this site is trying to introduce customers to their products. It also took us quite a while of browsing and clicking before we figured out that they don’t actually sell any cannabis products on their website, just paraphernalia and brand merchandise. Given that there are Buy Now and Shop Now buttons every few inches when scrolling, it left us feeling a little misled. We also found it a little frustrating that this page asks for your birth date and location again if you stay on one page longer than five or ten minutes. We understand that legal sites have a different responsibility in Canada to verify that their customers are of legal age, but this site doesn’t actually even sell any cannabis on it. The constant age checking is excessive, and makes it feel like there’s not enough time to sit and read the page they’ve so carefully laid out. We love Tweed, but they need to decide if this page is a store or an information center.

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