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T.H. has been around since 1993, when it was founded in Amsterdam by two guys named Adam and Doug. That sounds very casual, but Adam Dunn has been a major player in cannabis culture in Amsterdam since the 1990s when he started as a young kid working for Sensi Seeds and the Seed Bank with some of the other founding fathers of the second wave of weed in the 1990s. They’re also the same Doug and Adam who teamed up to open Cannabis in Amsterdam, or C.I.A, an information center focused on cannabis in the city. In the 1990s and 2000s, until Canadian, UK, and now American seed banks were on the scene, C.I.A was the world’s largest genetics distributor for cannabis seed. T.H. Seeds has participated in a whole lot of different cannabis cups since 1995, winning one of the top three awards most years, often first place. Their consistent anti-war messaging is pretty refreshing as well, their motto is drop seeds not bombs. Strains like Darkstar, Bubblegum, Sage n’ Sour, and Underdawg have been making waves for this company this past decade, especially in the 2010s at Spanish and American West Coast competitions. Their beans come in packs of either two or six. They don’t ship anywhere outside of Europe, unfortunately. Even within Europe there are a lot of places they don’t ship like Russia, Norway, Belarus, and Ukraine. However, their site has a list of distributors who carry their products around the world. It doesn’t look like that includes America yet, but their beans can be bought on a few other sites that will ship to North America, so check your favorite local distributor’s website. They take Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfers.

Their website is easily searchable and easy to use. They also keep up their old selections. There’s a botany section that gets into seed, plant, and flower anatomy with incredible graphics that’s really fun and informative to flip through.They also have engaging flash for their distributors around the world, a collection of articles about their business, a list of awards, and other information. It’s easy to spend a long time on this website. Their shop is a little light on options for sorting and searching their products.  Their photography is beautiful, and all their product pages have distinct photos and marketing. Their pages are just a few sentences about each bean, followed by the bare necessities of statistics like the lineage and estimated height, yield, and flowering time for each bean. There’s some seed houses from whom it’s not that useful to be getting huge long pages of information from. But when you’re one of the best seed houses in the world, it’s fine to spend a little bit of time talking about your product. I guess folks out in Amsterdam probably aren’t legally allowed to give us a lot of information about germination and growing, but we’re pretty sure T.H. Seeds’ growing book would be phenomenal.

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