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Super CBDx Seeds is an information-only site devoted to helping folks learn about the benefits of cannabidiol. More specifically, this site was designed to teach people about a new strain of cannabis that produces a very high amount of CBD. We’re talking like seventeen percent CBD and between a twenty-four and twenty-six to one ratio of cannabidiol to tetrahydrocannabinol. The strain is completely non psychoactive, according to the site. This site isn’t selling this strain. Not yet, anyways, but it does seem as if they are gearing up to begin selling it once they are able. The product page itself says that other stains are sold on this site, but we honestly could find the hide nor hair of an online shop. There’s a lot of information on this site though, especially pertaining to the medical benefits of different cannabinoids that aren’t THC and the things they’re used for. There’s also quite a bit of details about this specific strain. They say it’s a feminized cannabis plant that gets up to six feet tall. The most important thing it needs is access for its roots to get big. This is kind of true of all cannabis plants, but it makes sense to need to inform folks who are not regular cannabis connoisseurs that that’s the case. Super CBDx seeds take around nine to ten weeks to flower, and are often ready to harvest outdoors starting in October. We’ve already mentioned the intense ratio of CBD to THC, which is apparently the highest anyone has been able to obtain yet! They also give the average yield, which is more than a pound per meter squared indoors or somewhere between two hundred grams and just under a pound per meter squared outdoors as well. We’re used to getting a per plant measurement for outdoor growing but that’s not a big deal. Super CBDx is apparently a perfectly split fifty-fifty sativa-indica hybrid, though as it said above there are virtually no psychoactive qualities in its effects. Following that writeup is three PDFs links, though they’re broken and from 2015. A quick web search shows that Super CBDx has, in fact, been mixed with a whole bunch of different strains that are available at other seed banks now. Amnesia Haze x SCBDX goes for around fifteen dollars American per seed in some places.Their instagram also hasn’t been updated since August of 2021. The only issue we have with this website is that we just absolutely couldn’t figure out how to buy seeds from them. Some things said that seeds were for sale on the website and other things said that there were no seeds for sale. We got confused and decided to focus on all the in-depth information they have about their products instead. They even have a terpene profile breakdown that is really fascinating to read for all us botany-minded potheads out there. The biggest presences in SCBDx are from alpha-pinene and beta-myrcene. Overall, this site is really fascinating, we were just sad we couldn’t purchase any seeds!

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