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Stealthy Seeds is a massive website. Their background is a bit messy, but it also has this kind of mid 2000s charm about it. This place also takes more different forms of currency than just about any other seed house we’ve ever seen. Despite being a little bit busy visually, this site is actually really easy to use. They have been around since at least 2013, and ship to a lot of places that other seed houses don’t. That includes spots like Kuwait, China, Israel, and South Korea! This place stocks genetics from an absurdly huge amount of suppliers. They’re all listed near the bottom of their page and it’s impressive. Apparently they only stock seventy-five strains right now. That looks to be a rate of about one seed per breeder! They’re searchable via the sidebar menu according to everything from breeder, flowering time, harvest time, smell and taste, strain type, beginner suitability, height, yield, strength, environment, cannabinoids, phenotype, popularity, and availability as single seeds. You can also use their top header to look at their Top feminized, autoflowering, high yielders, super strength, pick and mix, sale seeds, sativas, and high CBD seeds. All seventy-five of their strains are feminized, so they don’t have any seeds that can produce a lot of males. They also have just a couple of high CBD or high CBG seeds. They seem to focus on the indica dominant part of the spectrum, but have about fifteen different sativa dominant and evenly split hybrids as well. They carry twenty-five different autoflowering strains and fifty photoperiod strains. Like most seed houses that carry seeds from a host of different geneticists and breeders, the product pages on this website are a mixed bag, but most of them are quite thorough. The Seed Description section gives you most of the statistics for each seed for the most part, while the More Seed Information part is either some detailed growing information or a longer pitch for the seeds depending on which seed house the product is from. Reviews on the internet seem to be overwhelmingly positive, though there are a few unsatisfied folks among them. This place offers a guarantee on delivery when you choose their Stealth mode option, meaning that if you pay for discreet shipping and the package gets confiscated, they’ll resend your order free of charge. This guarantee isn’t available everywhere, just so you know. They take debit, cash, and Bitcoin, though we’re not sure how they take cash considering that they don’t supply an address. We’re pretty confident they’re somewhere in the United Kingdom, since they ship within the UK for free and use Royal Mail. Ordering on this site can be a little confusing, because they treat it a little bit like a live store. That means that you can’t place orders on bank holidays. The upside to that is that their customer service is super responsive.

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