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Southern Oregon Seeds

Southern Oregon Seeds sells twenty-eight different seed breeder’s strains,  including 00 Seeds, Ace Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Brothers Grimm, Cannabiogen, Dr. Krippling, Dutch Passion, Expert, Fast Buds, G13 Labs, Garden of Green, Humboldt, Kannabia, and Loud. Plus fourteen others including such luminaries as Royal Queen Seeds, Seedsman, Sweet Seeds, and Nirvana. SOS has been in the game since 2017. Their seeds are organized into Late Bloomers, Fast Bloomers, Fifty-Fifty Hybrids, Indicas, Hybrids, Sativas, Medical, Autoflowers, CBD, low THC, Feminized, and Regular Collections. They carry thirty-nine high CBD strains, twelve regular strains, one hundred and twenty-four feminized, and fifty autoflowers. All told it looks like they carry one hundred and thirty-six different strains total. Their seeds range in prices between ten and twenty dollars per seed, depending on which strain and what seed breeder it’s from. They ship within America only.

Right away we have a few beefs with this site. It’s not quite as visually loud as others, but sometimes there are headers in bright lemon yellow writing on a white background that are impossible to read. The roll outs on the side of each product page are also somewhat frustrating. You’re not sure what they are until you roll over them and then they pop out and obscure what you’re trying to read. They also don’t offer any way of browsing through their whole catalog, unless you search a universal word like seeds and then scan through the results. Sure, you can click through and look at every classification and seed house, but sometimes you just want to see everything at a glance first. While lacking in any annoying drop down menus, it’s also a little redundant to go to a seed bank website and have to click on Shop to get to their selection. Their product pages are fine enough. There’s a lot of empty white space on them, and writing the descriptions has been left up to the seed breeders themselves. This is pretty par for the course when it comes to clearing houses like Southern Oregon Seeds, but it definitely leads to inconsistencies in the amount of information you’re given about each product. The Humboldt products, for example, have all been given loving summaries of a few hundred words plus all the necessary stats. This includes genetic lineage, variety and phenotype, the sex of the plants, their estimated THC and CBD contents, the average plant height and yields in and out of doors, what situation to grow it in, the flowering time, and the estimated month of harvest. The seeds made by Southern Oregon Seeds themselves, however, give each of their seeds fifty words of statistics as a summary, that are then for the most part repeated below in list form. Their so-called Top Rated Products are all running on just one five star review each, which makes us think that there may not be a lot going on this site for the most part. While not as messy and chaotic as other pages, the SOS website could certainly use a little more clarity.

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