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Sirius is a Netherlands based one stop shop for everything psychedelic. They don’t only offer seeds, but mescaline cactus, such as peyote, peniscactus, San Pedro and Bolivian Torch, mushrooms and grow kits, kratom, salvia, Kanna, rapé and sexual stimulants. Across the top of the page, they advertise free shipping within NL, delivery in the EU within three days, discrete packaging, a wholesale section, customer service and a language selector. In the next section, we see a search bar, find a shop, and a view encyclopedia section where you can learn about all the products they have on offer. We also find here the blog section, complete with dozens of pages of articles suited to broad range learning. Sirius offers what are called spacemiles, of which you get one for every five euro spent, and they can be used to shop or for discounts and gifts. Within the Sirius store, there are a number of headings, including smart shop, vaporizer shop, magic truffle shop, CBD shop, seed shop, IQ+shop, grow shop, health shop, headshop and spacemileshop. The smartshop section delineates a list of alternatives which may or may not be illegal in the States. The vaporizer shop offers all types, as well as the option to shop by brand. Magic truffle and CBD shops offer the entire array of what’s out there, including kits, oils, sprays, capsules and flowers, and it is all ready for shipping today. In the seed shop, we find regular, feminized, auto and CBD, as well as a host of seed shop offers.Seeds come with options to choose either one, three or five seeds per pack. Sirius is also a supporter of particular seed banks and distributors, so you can always opt to view the Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen or Greenhouse Seed Co. seeds, as well as many others. Something unique to Sirius is their interesting IQ+ shop. This is where they offer a range of blends of natural plant ingredients to serve particular purposes, such as brain function, mental alertness, sleep and others. The Sirius grow shop is where you will find all you need to get started growing their seeds and they offer information to assist new growers as well. Their health shop includes books and blogs, food, liquids, capsules, supplements and more, and all products boast a chemical and additive free experience. Just like any good headshop, Sirius offers pipes, bongs, papers, trays, accessories and all the hemp gear, glasses, hats, stickers and the rest that you could hope to swag out with. One fun aspect of Sirius is that they offer student discounts on many of their products. Maybe high test mushrooms or peyote help with studying. We jest. It’s nice that they offer student discounts, space miles and the rest because it shows they know their demographic. There is a lot more to see here, and we recommend a visit soon.

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