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Resin Seeds is a medicinally-focused seed bank located in Spain. Visitors can go straight to the About Us tab at the top of the homepage to read a bit about the company and how they came to be. The seed bank was founded by Jaime and Juanma in 2008 after they won a High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup award, preceding another win in 2013. Jaime has been a grower since at least 1998, opening one of the first grow shops in Barcelona, Spain. He’s a public figure speaking for the benefits of CBD and marijuana, and also owns a social cannabis club which he founded in 2010. RS has a flagship strain named Cannatonic, which is a high CBD strain that’s famed among medicinal growers. They claim that Cannatonic buds have helped give many medical users their lives back after incidences of severe injury or illness. It’s primarily a sativa strain, and the owners of Resin Seeds have observed that about seventy-five percent of the plants are high in CBD, while the other twenty five will likely be about 1:1 in CBD and THC. They say that their strain is best used for extracting CBD and turning it into a highly potent CBD oil, while it can also be smoked regularly. Seed packs are available in quantities of three, five or ten seeds. All seed pricing is in Euros, and there are no options available for other currencies. Under the Strains tab, there are several other strains available for sale with similar pricing. Customers, especially those who are looking for medicinal seeds, should check out the Medicinal Cannabis tab. This tab will take you to a page with a long list of medical conditions. Every one of these is a link, which will take the visitor to a separate page containing links to peer-reviewed studies on how CBD or cannabis products can help benefit victims of the chosen illness. For even more knowledge, users can go to the Blog section, which will show many different posts and articles on all kinds of topics. The blog articles include interviews, reviews and knowledge on marijuana and its medicinal uses specifically, as well as many more topics. Contacting the team can only be done through an online form, which can be found through the Contact tab. Resin Seed currently only ships to Europe, so customers outside Europe will not qualify for shipping. The seed bank provides a list of distributors worldwide that carry their products, which is found on the Shipping Policy page. You will have to find the link in the text, as it’s colored the same white shade as the rest of the text. Orders are shipped within twenty-four hours, but no estimated shipping times are given. Payment for orders is available through Cash On Delivery and bank transfer.

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