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Reeferman Genetics

Reeferman Genetics is a company that specializes in Modern Medical Seeds Sales (MMSS) and represents a World Best collection of heritage landrace and genetics. RMG focuses on medical marijuana seed sales and was started several years ago in a basement in East Vancouver, Canada, by Reeferman and Mr. A. They took local favorites and mixed and recombined them to come up with globally recognized strains like Reeferman Genetics Early Purple Kush. RMG is also pioneer to strains like BubbaRock Kush, which is a cross between Bubba Kush and Rockstar Kush, and Purple Crown, which is a cross between EPK and Vietnam Black. They also house other rare strains like Mullumbimby Madness and Black Tuna, along with its popular, multi-year and multi-cup winning strain, Love Potion #1. They are a part of or in partnership with Old School Breeders Association and Monster Breeders, and collectively they have over a century of selecting and breeding the finest of cannabis strains. Cumulatively, many of these are multi-cup winners, including the coveted Cannabis Cup. The website is basic, but professionally designed with mostly a white and blue background with black lettering. They have a specialty item called RMG CBD OIL that they have developed into two products, one for overall health and one specifically for the skin. The oils come with a myriad of benefits, and are said to be able to treat ailments ranging from relieving side effects from cancer, pain relief, appetite control, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, bone build, glaucoma, and mood stabilizer. As for skin health, it tackles anti-aging, prevents acne, nourishes dry skin, treats eczema and psoriasis and is anti-inflammatory. The website has a total of seven items. The CBD Oil and Facial Rejuvenating Oil ranges in price depending on the size order which comes in 100 ml, 200 ml, and 300 ml. There are also two kinds of baseball caps, two kinds of beanies, and a grinder as well. All orders are processed within one business day, and shipping time varies between 5-15 days. They have a genius 100% refund policy. If you order the CBD oil, they will send you a 5 ml bottle as well as the full-sized bottle of your order. If you try the sample sized bottle and you are not happy, you can send back the full-sized unopened bottle and a note explaining the reason for your dissatisfaction and you will get all of your money back. There are no actual flowers sold on this website, as they are all sold on the Breeders Association sister site, which you can access from multiple points on the Reeferman Genetics site. This website has an almost identical design, except the colors are a bolder black, orange and white. They have about 100 strains available, and most offer an option between regular and feminized seeds. Each strain is sold in quantities of five or ten per order, and their specialty seeds like Black Tuna come with a heftier price tag.

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