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Quantamon Seeds is an Italian company, based in Italy, and even though they offer the full range of languages in which to view the site, it is tough to tell where they ship to. Shipping information simply states that they ship via express courier, which is limited, and they will provide a tracking number if requested. That said, they do provide free shipping on orders over €99, and they guarantee delivery. Listed in their catalog is only ten strains, including auto fem and photo fem, which you must view in order rather than skipping to individual strains. You can purchase packages of 3, 5, 10 and 25 as well. Click the find out more button on each strain to learn about cannabinoids, size and appearance, along with a brief description of the strain. Each seed page also offers a legal disclaimer about the standing of seeds according to European legislation and it also warns customers to mind the law. Though nowhere in the site does it tell us when the company was formed or who formed it, the website dates to 2018 and is copyrighted for that year. Quantamon provides a retailer location map, which shows us that they have distributors in Switzerland, as well as multiple locations throughout Italy and Greece. Below the map is contact information for each location, including address and phone number, as well as email and website where they apply. Customers are invited to sign up for the Quantamon newsletter to get updates and news about the company, sales and promotions, and it just takes an email address to sign up. Contact information for the company is clear and reaching out will get you a response within a couple days. For instant access to information which may not be on the site, you can always ask the messenger, which is always on standby. The genetics these folks support are 100% Italian and Spanish, and they are proud to support Italy’s evolving cultivation communities. Quantamon is dedicated to preserving and diversifying hemp genetics from and for the world, and they continue to expand their collection. They also offer how-to’s for effective storage of your seeds, and they break it down into temperature, humidity and light, so we get a well rounded picture of the importance of proper seed protection. Though there is not much payment and shipping information, along the bottom of each page are icons for PayPal, Visa and Mastercard, along with a privacy policy, a terms of agreement contract and some legal notices. This site does collect personal data from users, and you have to accept all cookies just to be let into the site. You then have to input your date of birth so they can confirm your age, though anyone could type in anything. We suggest to Quantamon that they stop collecting data and make their site accessible to those who feel uncomfortable with cookies and the collection process. Most other cannabis seed distributors respect this request.

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