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Roca i Umbert, 15, bajos, 327 08907,
L’Hospitalet, España
+34 664 36 75 77

Pyramid Seeds

Offering feminized, photo dependent, American strains, autoflowering and CBD seeds with free shipping worldwide and discrete delivery, through secure online payment and with returns in just fourteen days, Pyramid Seeds means business. All of this information is immediately visible, as are over twelve language options, as well as eight different currencies to choose from. Pyramid sells only feminized seeds, so breeders be warned. Consumers can choose three, five, fifty or one hundred seeds. Three seeds gets one free, five seeds get two, fifty seeds get twenty for free and a hundred seeds gets forty free seeds. These are truly incredible freebies to be offering, and they are a huge draw to all growers, not just those buying bulk. Product information includes type, genetics, height, smell flavor, medicinal qualities, physical effects, psychic effects, expected indoor and outdoor weights, cannabinoid percentages, as well as flower times and a brief description of the strain overall. At the bottom of each page, we find links to customer support, account information, dealers and contact information, including address and phone. Customer support headings include delivery information, payment methods, terms and conditions, returns, FAQ’s, catalog and instant contact. Pyramid uses international post for all locations outside the EU, and they use UPS Express for all orders within Spain and the European Union. Shipping to North America may take up to three weeks or more and shipping to Latin America may take five or more weeks to complete. Regular post is free to all countries and the prices for express shipping go up from there. The final order completion process will involve three emails, specifically, one that confirms your order, a second for processing and a third which details the completed order, that it is shipped and will include a tracking number so you can keep tabs on your order as it makes its way to you. In the payment section, it says that Pyramid accepts Visa, Mastercard and bank transfer, and the descriptions are in Spanish, so bone up before reading. However, along the bottom of each page are icons for Visa, Visapay, Maestro, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Bizum and straight up cash, and it is unclear which is the case. If you have a problem that tech support can’t handle, Pyramid accepts returns within fourteen days. That said, they do not accept returns on items which were damaged due to inadequate packaging, so figure that one out. Where most seed banks find it imperative to provide a comprehensive FAQ section, though Pyramid Seeds has one, it is devoid of any information at all. you can sign up for their newsletter, however, to receive updates and industry specific information, and you can opt out any time. Customers are free to download both the regular catalog and the American seed catalog at their discretion, account holders can make their own favorites page, and a list of distributors is always available. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram or follow them on Twitter and keep up to date.

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