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The Platinum Seed Bank website diverges from the norm by quite a bit. Where others are clear in their presentation, offer menu bars right up front and provide quick links to things like about, FAQ, blogs and contact, PSB does not. Instead, Their menu is down the left hand side and only a search bar sits at the top, as though we already know what we’re looking for. This assumes a lot, especially since the souvenir seed market is relatively new and so are many growers. That said, all the information is there. These folks offer limited edition and coveted strains and claim premium quality. They explain their strict quality control guidelines, tell us that they only work with expert breeders, claim superior customer service and stealth shipping. Customers are free to join a text list to get updates as well, though there is no explanation of the service and the next page is blank. Working with 204 separate breeders, you can imagine the size of the collection they offer. With what appears to be thousands of strains at the ready, Platinum Seed Bank customers really do feel they have access to everything when reading about the breeders. Breeders looking to be represented on this website have numerous options to sign up, through links located throughout the site. Getting back to our homepage, when we scroll down is when we are presented with shopping links and strain categories. Along the top are links to breeders, new releases, clearance items and consumables, which are dried flowers. Below these top links we find regular seeds, feminized seeds, autoflower and a hemp/CBD section. Seeds come in singles, packages of six or ten, and though strains do have descriptions, they are very short and leave us wanting more information. Though PSB works with hundreds of expert stain specialists, their list of available strains seems rather short. We would assume that a seed company would do well to represent the auto market, but they only have seventeen strains, and the CBD section only houses three. Where we find the money is in their feminized seed collection, with 500 strains, and their regular seed collection, which offers 1600. It is because of the numbers in these last two categories, coupled with the search bar at the top of page one being the most obvious feature of the site, that Platinum Seed Bank caters primarily to breeders and professional growers. It doesn’t say when these guys came into being, but the site dates to 2020. They tell us that they ship worldwide, but they don’t offer any description of how. They also claim to hand select each seed through their quality control, but in the FAQ section, it says that all seeds come in original breeder packaging. There are a few hiccups in this site and their services are unclear, but they do have quite the selection.

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