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Niagara Seed Bank

Ali Bongo, The Cannabis Seeds Shop, is a seed bank in the UK that started off as a small market stall and evolved into a massive store that has been serving Norwich and East Anglia and their social weed needs since 1997. They opened up a retail store in 2004 and have been serving tens of thousands of happy repeat customers since. They keep a long-term staff who knows their products inside and out, and they stay engaged and up to date so they can continuously provide excellent service, promotions, offers, and stock. Though located in the UK, they provide worldwide shipping for their customers all over the globe. Not only that, but they have a plethora of options to get you your seeds. They have a variety of Royal Mail First Class and Special Delivery options, there’s more than a few DHL courier selections, there’s also Airmail, and some of these options even come with insurance. For payment methods, they accept Visa and Mastercard branded credit and debit cards, bank transfers, postal orders, and more recently, Bitcoin. Ali Bongo has an extensive catalog of seeds, which makes sense that they put so much effort in being able to deliver the goods to their customers. They have unsexed regular seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, a variety of medical seeds, pick ‘n’ mix seeds, and you can even order seeds directly from the breeder. On the left side of the search page, you have an extensive number of options to filter your search. You can sort by breeder, sex, flowering type, indoor or outdoor, harvest type, strain, pack size, and much more. The packs of seeds range anywhere from one seed to 25 seeds or even whole boxes. When you select a particular strain, you get to see detailed information in the description. You also get info on the sex, flowering type, genetics, genotype, flowering time, harvest, height, yield, THC, taste, and the effect. Prices can be toggled at any time between USD, British pound, Euro, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen, or Australian dollar. The prices on the seeds vary greatly by strain or pack. The border of the website is green and you’re greeted by a bright green weed leaf on the homepage, which lets you know there’s no mistake about what’s available on the Ali Bongo site. Navigating the site is pretty fluid, and the orange and white colors complimenting the green make it feel lively. They have a blog page that’s updated regularly and even advertises upcoming events and gives the announcements for giveaways. Their shopping catalog extends way beyond seeds. They also have bongs, pipes, vapes, grinders, rolling gear and a host of other chronic related merchandise available.

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