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Montreal Cannabis Seeds has been around since at least 2017. Their mission is to safeguard cannabis genetics for future generations. Their About Us section is all about the political need, in Canada, to promote the legalization of access and use of cannabis. It might be a little bit outdated, considering that cannabis has been legalized for recreational purposes up north for quite a while. MCS say they pack their seeds by hand as a means of doing a final quality inspection on every order, which is a nice touch so to speak. Their website changes quite dramatically based on the size of your browser window, so be sure to be viewing the site zoomed out or on a wide screen to get the best effect. Montreal Cannabis Seeds supplies genetics from eight different seed banks, including Bomb Seeds, G13 Labs, Next Generation Seeds, Quebec Cannabis Seeds, Resin Seeds, Sweet Seeds, Toronto Cannabis Seeds, and World of Seeds. They carry two hundred and twenty-five different strains, including almost one hundred and fifty feminized, fifty autoflowering, and twenty high CBD strains. Most of their magic bean packages go for around ten or twelve dollars Canadian per seed and start at five seeds per pack. MCS only ships to the United States and Canada, and charges ten dollars per order for regular shipping or twenty-five for shipping with a tracking number. It takes between two and seven business days to ship within Canada, including remote areas. Within America, it can take up to nine business days.

This site has an eighty percent germination rate, which is lofty for a company that apparently ships seeds unpacked and placed in other objects. As long as they are able to replace any faulty seeds they can keep their customers happy. Their products are pretty easy to find so long as your browser is in the right viewing mode. If the header bar is gone in your viewer, you can scroll down to the bottom and access their selection via the Site Map link in the footer. There’s a lot going on on their main page, which makes it hard to tell at first that there are names on top of the beautiful pictures. It’s hard to click on these pictures to get to the strain information pages as well. You have to roll over to get the little pop up that shows their rating and then click. Why not just make the photo clickable? Once you get there however their product pages are nicely laid out. Most of them give you around one hundred words of introduction about the strain and the high its buds are capable of producing. Below that is a list of statistics including how easy they are to grow, the type of seed, where to grow them, their flowering time, their manufacturer, their THC contents, effects, and estimated yields. An extra cool feature is being able to customize which part of their site you focus on when using their search bar! Despite some clunky graphics, this is a promising site full of reviews from happy customers.

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