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Since 1999, Lamota has been trying for top spot amongst UK grow shops. They serve growers by providing feminized, autoflower, regular, CBD and fast seeds. An entire grow shop with hundreds of necessary items is next on the menu. Here you will find absolutely everything you need to start a grow, keep one going, chop it down, trim it up and cure it. All the electronics, atmospheric technologies, irrigation, nutrients and everything else you need is available in one place. They also have a range of CBD products, like gels, lip balms and more. LaMota also offers the whole host of smoking and vaping accessories, and boasts a headshop that even sells terpenes and THC test kits, as well as all the clothing and accessories one would expect. LaMota Grow Shop also does its part to recognize and support industry leading brands and provides links to their sites, highlighting their active role in uniting markets. This company offers a newsletter, free account activation, and over 4000 products. There’s 24-48 hour shipping to Canada, the US, South America and countries outside the EU, free shipping for seeds throughout Europe, and 100% secure payments and discreet packaging. When you go shopping for seeds, LaMota’s menu is laid out by breeders, starting with Dinafem. LaMota’s in house seeds are the lowest priced out of all the seeds available. Seeds come in singles, 3-seed, 5-seed and 10-seed packs, and there is no tell of a wholesale department. A note of importance is that LaMota Grow Shop also provides the full seed catalogs of the breeders they support, so you have access to thousands upon thousands of seeds. Aside from LM, breeder catalogs housed within the site include DinaFem, Humboldt Seed Organization, Sensi Seeds, Seedstockers, Barney’s Farm, Crockett Family Farms, Green House Seeds, 420 Fast Buds and Sweet Seeds. There are over a hundred top shelf seed bank catalogs here, listed alphabetically, and together they form bedrock of international seed production. It is super cool that they are so professionally represented on another seed bank’s website, as well, which points clearly to the impressive level of customer service LaMota is attempting to provide. It doesn’t stop there. Because these guys are so connected, they offer a list of promos, and they make sense. For example, they offer end of stock sales of up to 30% off so they can keep turnover fresh and new items coming in, there are heaps of free seeds to receive and they even give away nutrients and other necessities with curtain orders. Click the ‘Need help?’ button and instantly land on a clearly outlined question and answer page which covers shipping and ordering, payment, product, technical and other FAQs. Each link works and leads to information that is not only accurate and relevant, but helpful as well, and they even offer courtesies.

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