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The team at i49 is committed to selling their customers seeds with authentic genetics and an eighty percent germination rate. They have an extensive collection of around four hundred seeds, all of which are broken up into the appropriate categories under the Cannabis Seeds USA tab. You can search via flowering type, variety, cultivation methods or family strain type to help you navigate the lengthy list of options. If you are brand new to the scene, the Beginner Seeds tab is where you want to start. This will link you right to the options that are easiest to grow. With traits like autoflowering, feminized, and naturally resistant to pests, these strains will thrive regardless of beginner blunders. You can also browse seed packs if you want to try some of the companies favorite strain groupings, or hit the wholesale section if you are a commercial grower wanting to fill the local dispensary shelves with a variety of impeccable herbs. The highlighted Deals tab will connect you with sale seeds, cheap seeds, and the seeds that qualify for the buy one, get one promotion. When you click to explore one of the seed options, you are brought to a page with a lengthy menu. This holds information on a variety of the strains attributes, including flowering time, effects, medical applications, adverse reactions, fragrances, flavors and more. There is no lack of information provided through i49, and thanks to drop down menus, you can skip to what is pertinent to you and your growing journey. There is the option to buy seeds in packs of four, eight or ten, with the larger quantities saving you money and earning you free bonus seeds! You can pay for your chosen items using Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, Bitcoin and Green Money. When you buy two or more products, you qualify for free shipping and they deliver all throughout the United States of America. Once you have selected your seeds, paid, and have them en route to your home, you can scour the i49 blog for growing tips. This is one of the most extensive blogs out there, with articles on watering, nutrients, indoor and outdoor growing, germination, and various tips and techniques for boosting health and yields. Plus, if you have any questions, you can call the number listed at the top of the page, or hit the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner. Either way, their team will be happy to help you clear up any concerns so you can start growing as soon as possible. Though seeds are definitely their primary product, i49 also happens to provide some helpful growing tools. They sell something called the Ultimate Marijuana Grow Kit that comes with seeds, a germination aid and growing nutrients. You can also enter your email to download an extensive germination guide to help you sprout healthy plants from your hard, shiny shelled beans. These various items, along with their customer support, will assist any new grower in having a successful operation.

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