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GYO Seed Bank

GYO Seed Bank is a combined seed bank made up of the GYO Seed Bank and The Single Seed Centre. Together, they form Homegrown Cannabis Co., an online seed bank specializing in helping growers get a step ahead. They have an arsenal of secret weapons to help customers get the most out of their grow operation, and these include their highly experienced writers. With a large blog section built into their website, both current and potential growers are treated to a broad range of marijuana knowhow. This is enabled by world-famous growers and geneticists, such as Kyle Kushman, Steve DeAngelo and Nikki and Swami. The articles in the blog section are dense and information rich, and they come with charming photos of some of the experts doing their job the right way, making it easier to pick up on this craft. Heading over to the shop section will give you all of the strains they carry in an easy to digest format. You’ll see an inventory of over five hundred different varieties, all packed into a streamlined arrangement. Customers can use the search filters found on the left side of the catalog to narrow down results to something a bit more suitable for the customer’s purposes. No need to take a look at every single seed individually, because pricing is available right under the card of every seed in the catalog. Every strain comes with a bit of information from the pro growers on what to expect with the selected strain and how easy it is to grow. You can scroll down a bit further on any given product page to find extensive details on how to best care for the seeds, what effects they will give to their users, ideal climate types, potency and yields and much more. If you’ve chosen some seeds, you can delve even further into the details by reading further down the product page. On top of this, reviews from real customers can be found at the bottom of every product page. With all this information, customers will have absolutely everything they need to grow their own marijuana at home. This website is very easy to navigate and comes with pleasing visuals, making it a delight to explore every one of the strains they have to offer. Free shipping is offered for all purchases over $115, though currently shipping is only available to residents of the United States. Shipping fees are flat at a price of only $10.99, including tracking. Among many of the features of the website, customers are also able to create an account, which will give them access to a rewards system. A tier system is also available for return customers, giving the most dedicated growers and customers several benefits to help save money and get some free goodies.

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