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Green Lakes Genetics is an online seed bank and vendor located in the United States. The seed bank’s owner, Dragboat Jeff, started the seed bank as a way to provide high quality seeds to growers located in America. To see everything this seed bank has to offer, customers can just go to the All Seeds tab at the top of the home page. There are several other tabs with more specific varieties to choose from as well. The other tabs include feminized, auto and farmer packs. There’s also a Breeders tab, which allows customers to take a look at seeds from all the specific breeders that Great Lakes Genetics offers. These include many of the most popular breeders, such as Bodhi Seeds, CannaVenture Seeds, GanjaMed, Jaws Genetics, Coastal Seed Co. and more. The full catalog at GLG contains almost six hundred cannabis varieties to choose from. Because of the very large collection of seeds, prices vary greatly. Packs come in specific quantities and customers are not able to choose how many seeds to purchase, only how many packs to purchase. The quantities of marijuana seeds in each package range from anywhere between six to twelve or more depending on the strain and the breeder. Customers can choose seeds by the breeder and the sex through the fields to the right of the catalog, though there are no other search tools available. Every product has a product card along with the name, a high quality photo, the price and the quantity. Going to any product page will show the user the statistics of the strain as well as further details related to growing and harvesting the seeds. The seed bank offers free items for every $139 spent, though it’s not specified what the possible items are. If customers have any questions, it’s best to visit the FAQ page, which features all of the most common questions and concerns visitors may have. Shipping is available primarily to the United States, which comes with a flat $7 shipping fee which includes tracking. Shipping times are usually about three days or less. Foreign customers may order from Great Lake Genetics, which will require a flat $30 shipping fee but will come with a free shirt. The website currency is only in US Dollars and cannot be changed, so foreign customers must convert it by themselves. Possible methods of payment are fairly slim, and currently GLG accepts US Cash or a blank money order through USPS, MoneyGram and Western Union. The website has a slightly dated design but is easy to navigate and has fast loading speeds. There are many buttons dedicated to bringing customers to the shop section and the special sales section. Customers may contact the seed bank through the Contact button under the About tab, but only through a fillable online form. It’s also possible to use the account function, which will require signing up with an email address.

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