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G13 Seeds is a genetics lab and cannabis seed vendor located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. All visitors to the website can find out a bit about the seed bank by clicking the About tab at the top of the page. The company’s history goes back to the late 1980s, where the first rounds of breeding and organizing were done by the owners to begin creating a true seed bank. Viewing all the strains that this seed bank offers can be easily done by going through the Strains tab at the top of the home page. The available strains are split into two different types, autoflowering and feminized seeds. Currently, there are ten autoflower strains and forty feminized cannabis strains available for purchase. The catalog pages are made up of simple product cards laid out in a grid, with each card showing basic details. Customers can find the name, the seed type, the price and view a high quality photo of the strain from the product cards. Each product card will link to a product page that will show a few more important characteristics about the strain, along with some tips on how to achieve optimal growth with the chosen seeds. G13 Labs seeds are available only in packs of five, with every product costing the same flat price, making it very easy for customers to anticipate how much their order will cost. There are several currencies available on the website, which can be changed by using the flag buttons in the top right corner. Currencies include Euros, Pounds, US Dollars, Australian Dollars and Canadian Dollars. There are no search tools available in the catalog pages, though with the moderate amount of strains available, it’s not a necessary addition. The top of the product pages feature an animated banner showing off some of the strains available in the store. At the home page, visitors will see a mostly black website layout, with an animated banner at the top of the page. A few of the best selling strains are featured below this, with links to view seeds and merchandise near the bottom of the page. The merchandise section offers hoodies, sweatshirts, beanies and many other clothing options, as well as CBD extracts in potencies of five and ten percent. The logo is fairly complex and features some steampunk iconography, and the font of choice is imposing and takes on a military look. The page containing contact information is clearly linked at the top tab under Contact. There are a few ways to contact G13 Labs, including Facebook, Instagram and email, though there is no phone number or contact form to fill out. The top tabs also show a Distributors page which will give customers all the locations that they can find G13 seeds. When customers choose to check out, they must create an account with the website. It’s not made clear where exactly G13 provides shipping, but it can be assumed that they offer worldwide shipping in most cases.

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