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Freedom of Seeds

Freedom of Seeds is an online-only seed bank located in Brighton, United Kingdom. The seed bank was first established in 2009 and is based on the most powerful and high quality genetics. Upon hitting the home page, visitors will see an animated main banner featuring some of their featured strains. There are a number of tabs at the top of the page including many different varieties and types of cannabis seeds. Just a few of these include autoflowering, CBD seeds, CBG seeds, feminised, regular and Cali strains. Freedom of Seeds makes several offers available for customers, including free shipping on orders over £100, three free seeds for cash payment, and two free seeds for card or transfer payment. The small banner under the main banner on the home page guarantees discreet packaging, the ability to get free seeds and fast delivery. Hovering over any of the rest of the tabs will show lists of specific strains, and clicking on one will bring you to a catalog page. The catalog is split into different sections, so customers must click on each of these tabs to see every single strain that’s available. The catalog page features product cards for every product, which gives the name, price range and a photo of the mature cannabis plants. Only a couple search tools are made available, with tags such as autoflowering, feminised, CBD and regular, as well as a word cloud below the tags. Clicking on any one product will show you an entire product page with a detailed description of the strain and options for quantities to order. Seeds are available in varying quantities based on the particular product you choose, from numbers as little as one seed to quantities as large as one hundred seeds. All prices are in Pounds Sterling and must be converted in order to purchase from other countries. Delivery is available worldwide, though payment methods are limited based on your country. The list of countries from which Freedom of Seeds allows payment is available at the very bottom of every web page. Methods of contacting FOS are available at the top of every web page through the Contact Us tab. The available methods of contact include mail, phone number and email, with a fillable contact form on the same page. From the home page, the design of the website is bright and readable. The logo is a distinct marijuana leaf with a classic peace symbol situated in the center, along with a characteristic brand font. All of the photos featured on every page are very high quality, helping customers distinguish the details between different strains. There are several direct links to the catalog and scrolling Featured Products areas on the main page. Visitors can also find out a bit about the company and their goals through a blurb that’s made available right under the main banner on the homepage.

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