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Fancy Weed originated as a home operation started by the charismatic owner, Jim. It’s now a large-scale vendor of high quality cannabis seeds, which began operation in 2013. It’s located in Washington, United States, and provides services primarily to America. Visitors looking for the shop section only need to click the first button at the top bar, which is labelled Buy Marijuana Seeds. While this would typically link to the store, there is currently a 404 error attached to this tab. Instead, customers can click the top left button on the homepage, labelled Shop Online. This will bring you to a simple shop page with listings for every strain that is made available. All of these strains have a small product card, along with a photo of the mature plants and a price tag. Customers can click on the photo of any product to see another page dedicated to the strain, though there is no information made available to the user. Customers can use the quantity field to enter how many of the products they would like, though it’s unclear whether this is in single seeds or packages of seeds. Fancy Weed has no categories or markers for seed feminization, indica or sativa genetics, autoflower or photoperiod genetics, or potency on their product pages. While there’s no information on the product pages, customers can find large amounts of information through the tab labelled Our Marijuana Strains. Customers may hover over this tab to see some specific strains, or click on it to see a page with a list of the strains along with small blurbs about some of their characteristics. Clicking on any one of these strains through this specific page will take you to a full page description of each strain, which reads in such a way that it sounds like Jim is telling you a story about it. Specific stats aren’t used, but the writer does detail some things such as the potency, aromas, flavors, yields and other information that would help a prospective grower. The owner of Fancy Weed and his team are big on genetics, so it’s often made clear what the parents of a strain are and how they came about creating it. Customers are given the opportunity to contact FW through the Contact Us tab, which will only show a form to fill out and send to the team. The blog section is extensive and can be accessed through the Blog tab on the top of the page. Visitors will see a long list of articles packed with information about growing certain strains or growing in certain areas. As for ordering, the order process is done simply through the product pages, and there’s no discernable list of payment methods or shipping times available. All of the seeds at Fancy Weed Seeds are bred in the United States, which likely hints at fairly low shipping times within the country.

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