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Emery Seeds is a marijuana seed bank located in Canada with a focus on high quality genetics. To find the main catalog, the site has a convenient shop button located right at the top of the main page. Customers can click on the shop tab to find a detailed catalog section with different search tools. The sidebar to the left shows many different seed varieties, making it much easier for customers to navigate the section. Among some of the varieties in the list, you’ll find autoflower seeds, CBD seeds, feminised seeds, sativa seeds, indica seeds, medical seeds and many more options. There are even fairly specific types, such as indoor seeds, future seeds, cheap seeds and premium line seeds. Every product in the catalog comes with a product card that tells you the name of the strain along with a photo, as well as the review rating and the price. As Emery Seeds is a Canadian company, all prices will be in Canadian dollars. There are no seed quantities in the product pages, but the FAQ page states that seeds normally come in ten packs, with options of five, ten or twenty packs. The shop section comes with a search bar to search for strains directly, as well as a price filter near the bottom of the sidebar. When you reach the home page, you’ll be greeted with a simple two-tone layout of white and light green. The Emery Seeds logo is clear and concise, and the distinct shape will remind anyone of a healthy marijuana leaf. The home page has a small blurb at the top telling visitors about the goal of ES, as well as a button that will link you directly to the shop and a promotion page for easy access. Scrolling down on the home page will show you a few of their most popular strains with the regular product cards. Going down a bit further will show the visitor an informative section, stating a bit about how Emery goes about getting such fine genetics. There’s also a few tips and tricks for growers to help them get a better grow operation underway. Methods of contacting the seed bank are limited, as clicking the contact button at the top of the page will bring you to a field where you can enter your name, email and a message to customer support. There are no phone numbers or other methods of contact made available. Visitors to the Emery Seeds website can sign up for email promotions by clicking on the Newsletter link at the top of the page. There’s also a News section, which will give the customer a few articles written by the admin about growing marijuana in different scenarios. Shipping is available worldwide, though no shipping times are given.

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