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Devil’s Harvest Seeds

The Devil’s Harvest Seeds has been running online since 2011. They operate their shop out of Amsterdam. DH is the originator of strains like Rollex OG, Strawberry Sour Diesel, and the shockingly purple Shoreline. They only deal in their small line of signature genetics with names like Golden Haze, OG Reekn, John Doe, Khufu, and Hell’s Bells. They’re available in a mix of regular and feminized styles. Devil’s Harvest seeds generally come in packs of three, five, or ten. They’ve won a couple of Cannabis Cups, including High Life, Spannabis, and High Times Amsterdam. They unfortunately don’t ship to America, but they do ship to Canada, Chile, Jamaica, Argentina, most of the European Union and the UK. There’s a blog on this site that’s devoted to sharing pictures of cannabis culture-related stuff in Amsterdam, though it hasn’t been updated since the Summer of 2020. It’s possible that they have switched to a smaller platform in order to keep things a little more personal.

Their website is really straight forward. The design is classic and streamlined, easy to read and written at that perfect spot between casual and professional speech. Their product pages are really refreshing, in that they don’t try to cram too much information into one spot. The tab format helps keep the page looking clean and streamlined while allowing users to flip between the well written history and effects paragraphs and the short answer statistics about the strains. The write ups are a lovely run down of how they came to make the strain, what inspired them, how it smokes, what awards its won, and some growing notes. In the statistics part, they give you the genetic makeup of their strains, the sativa to indica balance, estimated THC content, indoor and outdoor flowering times and yield. They also tell you whether or not it’s easy to grow, and what flavors and effects to expect. This includes both a general body feeling and an emotional component, which is a very cool thing to delineate in your information. Then it goes on to give a little more information about the growing methods and timeline, including plant characteristics, the minimum amount of time you should let it vegetate, short notes on the best ways to cultivate it, and whether it’s a photoperiod or autoflower. It’s surprisingly rare to find a seed breeder that lays it all out like this, or at least in a way that’s easy to read and reference quickly. They also provide a lot of introductory information about things like the difference between their feminized and regular seeds, which we always take as a great sign that a seed breeder is interested in being inclusive and helping new growers find their feet. In case you can’t tell, we were pretty impressed by the Devil’s Harvest Seeds’ website. We think they do some pretty cool work, and we look forward to seeing what they conjure up in the future.

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