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91 King Street, Suite 174
Bowmanville, L1C 5E2
Ontario, CANADA

Canuk Seeds

When you land on the Canuk Seeds homepage, you are immediately greeted with a well planned website known for selling pure blends. It is easy to read and the menu labels are clearly listed across the top of a clean page. Of course, the obligatory newsletter popup presents itself and is easily bypassed with the click of a button. Canuk Seeds is headquartered in Canada and the UK, though on page one, they are advertising new shipping routes from the US for US based customers. On the menu and after the home button is listed Canuk Seeds. This menu is packed with standard and elite strains, mixed packs, limited editions and limited release seeds. There is an opportunity to scan through specific types of seeds, rather than shopping through the broadscale menus, and this is where you can find clearance, new arrivals and best sellers. It looks as though Canuk offers bulk and wholesale options for their whole selection and prices are enormously discounted when you get into the hundreds or thousands of seeds. It is clear that this company does very well, since they also offer a diversity of accessories, starting with every shirt, hoodie, hat or bandana, mug, keychain, ashtray and other items with their logo on it. They also offer accessories and supplies for smoking, carrying, storing and preserving your weed. We have found in going through their accessories catalog that Canuk is either a partner or an offshoot of True North Seedbank, since some of their items include the True North logo, and the website is laid out in a similar fashion. When you click on a menu button, not only does the menu appear, but so does a sidebar for simple navigation to exactly what you want to shop for. Their page describing payment and shipping is comprehensive and clear, and offers disclaimers for those who may be trying to order seeds from a place where seeds are prohibited or in which issues will arise with picking up your order. They also list expected delivery times for Canada, US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the rest of the world. They provide tracking on all orders and insurance is available for those shopping in the US and Canada. Canuk also offers suggestions on what they call stealth packaging and extra safe stealth packaging, simply to outline ways to trick customs. The blog portion of this site is probably the most exciting. This area not only covers some news surrounding cannabis and the world, but it offers discussions on THC vs CBD, auto fems, CBD and working out, making soil, what you need to know about fast flowering strains, best weed for meditation, how cannabis can prevent COVID and many more. By the looks of it, this is one of the stronger sites out there for transparency and information, as well as some pretty stellar seeds, stored in original breeder packaging. This company ships in nondescript packaging as well, so no worries there.

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