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13047 Ventura Blvd,
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 907-8852

Buds & Roses

Buds and Roses is one of the premier vendors of premium cannabis products. This is no regular seed bank, as they offer marijuana products not only in seed form but in many other types. You’ll be able to find tinctures, topicals, flowers, and even clones in their online store, among many other types of products as well. Featuring a recognizable name, especially for hard rock fans, this seed bank came around in 2007. Located in one of the greatest places in the world for cannabis connoisseurs, you can find them on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, California. Buds & Roses features a storefront, so you can see them in person and take a look at all the products they have available. Currently, B & R does not offer shipping due to federal regulations. Customers may still purchase anything online along with in-store or curbside pickup. Click the first button on their homepage to see everything this seed bank has to offer. You can purchase just the regular consumer cannabis products if you like, in the form of loose flower or pre-rolls. You may also purchase some of their vaporizers, concentrates or tinctures for a highly concentrated experience. Edibles are also available, which will allow the user to consume their pot in a form that’s less harsh on the lungs. Topicals are also made available, which can help relieve muscle and joint pain through the immense restorative power of THC and CBD. B&R also offers cannabis seeds, which will be the category that growers are looking for. This seed bank also offers something that many don’t, which are marijuana plant clones. Purchasing a clone will give you a plant that’s already in its seedling stage of growth, soon to begin foliar growth. Buying a clone allows you to completely skip part of the growing process, speeding up your grow operation with ease. There are so many different types of categories, such as high THC flower, sleep products, staff picks and many more, so you won’t ever get stuck deciding what to browse. If you love the company, you can even buy accessories and merchandise right from their website. Packs as small as three seeds are available for at-home growers, with the largest packs numbering twelve seeds. Being based in California, all prices on the website are in American dollars. The design of the website is modern and chic while remaining easy to navigate. Scroll down the main page to get a taste of who Buds and Roses are and what they do. You’ll be presented with photos of the storefront as well as the team, so customers can get an idea of who they’re doing business with. They accept a few different forms of payment, including debit, credit and other contactless methods, making payment a simple task.

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