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If you are just getting started on the home cultivation journey, Bonza Seeds is a sublime seed bank through which to source your seeds. Through this site, you can buy single seeds at a reasonable price. This means you can try a few different options without breaking the bank, which can help you get a feel for growing different genetics. It also allows you to stock your personal stash of smokeables with a variety of unique herbs so you can figure out what options best meet your needs. On the left side of the page, you will see a long list of seed categories that you can click into to narrow your hunt. They provide regular, feminized, autoflowering, and high yielding seeds to suit your growing skills and goals. They also have indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to browse through, depending on the effects you long for. You can also click into certain brand name seeds, such as Big Buddha Seeds, BC Bud Depot Seeds, and Blimburn Seeds, if you already have a favorite seed provider and want to stick with what you know. There are seeds that will grow into plants with the ideal buds for a recreational session. They will instill bouts of giggles, enhance the senses, or help you chat the night away with your besties. Or, you can find medical grade seeds that provide relief from symptoms of mental and physical health struggles. Every one of the long list of seed options includes a brief description so you have a little insight into what to expect from the plants that break free of the hard, shiny beans. Once you have an idea of the seeds you want to grow, you can open an account and start shopping. Creating an account allows you to take your time browsing, as it saves your cart for your next site visit. You will notice that the seed prices vary, but there are always plenty of sales to assist you in sticking within your operating budget. Depending where you reside, you can switch the displayed currency to reflect the conversion rather than having to do it yourself while you browse. Now that you have made your selections and are ready to complete your purchase, you will see that they accept a myriad of payment options, including credit, debit and cash. You will have no issues securing your selected seeds! This company ships all over the world, though the delivery cost will reflect how far they are traveling. Fortunately, the packages are light, so it is never too bad. Along with an incredible selection and top of the line genetics, Bonza Seeds is here to help you learn the ins and outs of a successful home operation. The blog includes strain reviews to help you with the selection process. Every article includes a lengthy description with information about growing, effects, therapeutic benefits, flavors, scents, adverse reactions and more, so you can find an option that, without a doubt, will meet your needs and preferences.

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