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You would be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive site for purchasing your weed seeds. Blimburn Seeds provides you with an abundance of information to get started on your home cultivation journey and their webpage provides extensive details about every one of their impeccable seed options. They have been offering unique strains since their introduction to the market in 2002, and their team of amazing breeders continue to bring new, premium quality seeds to their customers. Years of hard work and study have made their collection some of the best on the market and they only continue to expand their impressive repertoire to appeal to growers around the globe. Several of their strains have taken home Cannabis Cup awards, a tribute to their undying efforts. Not only do they provide a virtual store that ships to countries throughout the world, they also have several physical locations, including their main hub in Barcelona, Spain. Their collection is divided up into easy to browse categories, including strains with distinct growth patterns, buds that deliver specific effects, and options that can bring recreational joy or medical relief. There are indica, sativa, hybrid, low and high THC and CBD, as well as feminized, autoflowering, photoperiod, fast flowering, indoor and outdoor, and beginner seeds. Whether you are a new grower or someone who has been at it for years, you will find suitable options with ease. You will also see a plethora of blog articles and blurbs that explain the different types of seeds and how to best support them as they grow. There is the option to buy smaller quantities for a personal grow operation, or to buy wholesale seeds at a discount if you are a commercial grower who is providing bud for dispensaries. The top sellers are listed too, so you can skip right to the crowd favorites instead of sifting through the seemingly endless supply of grade A options. If you are operating within a specific budget, you could click into the deal section to find sale seeds. With every order, you can also collect Blimcoins, which can be used to save on your future orders. Once you have made your selections and put them into your cart, you can use one of several payment options to complete the order and have your seeds en route to the address you provided. They accept Paypal, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, Zelle, money order, mail in cash, Bitcoin and Venmo. Using cryptocurrency is the most anonymous method, so if you are particularly concerned about keeping your purchase quiet, this is one of the technologically advanced companies that offer this option. They put their seeds in discreet parcels and seal them with a quality sticker so you know your top of the line seeds are preserved in their original packaging. They ship to the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK, Australia, Turkey, and South Africa. The delivery time varies, but you will find the estimated date, as well as the price, listed on the main page of their website.

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