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This valuable virtual seed bank has been slinging premium quality cannabis seeds for twenty years. The passionate team continues to patiently scour the marijuana scene to ensure they always have the best seeds available. The collection is limited compared to other seed banks, but the extraordinary quality of the options far outweighs the more modest quantity. Between the team’s unwavering passion and their dedicated research, they continue to bring forward the fruits of the master breeders for our enjoyment. The impressive collection of superior seeds, provided through Big Head Seeds, can be browsed through with ease. Alongside each strain’s name will be a gorgeous photo of the thick, sparkling coating of trichomes that can be expected to form on their leaves and buds. The main traits and characteristics of each strain option are also listed, as well as a brief write up that provides you with some insight on how to most effectively nourish your seeds and the resulting plants. These tools will assist you in getting the most from your new seeds and generous yields from the plants that burst from their hard shells. This information, in conjunction with their grade A pot seeds, will secure a hefty and healthy harvest of smokables for your homegrown stash. To order through them directly, you will likely have to contact them using the provided online form. You can click into the Contact Us tab or hit the floating Let’s Chat! button to connect with one of their team members. They are happy to answer questions about the strains, their genetics, and ordering, so do not hesitate to reach out! These premium seeds are also available on a number of other virtual seed banks, including Herbies Head Shop, Seed City, Just Feminized, and many more. All of the other sites that sell their seeds are listed under the online retailers tab, and they have provided links for each shop so you can navigate to the different pages with a click of your mouse. The online store you choose will provide even more details about the various strains. This information is included to assist you in selecting the top options to suit your climate and your needs. You can check the growth patterns to make sure they are plants that you have the knowledge to effectively nourish, or you can just stick to the simple options regardless of your skillset. Choosing autoflowering plants that flower without specific light or feminized seeds that produce mother bud bearers without much fuss will make for an easy operation. There is the option to buy small quantities for personal grow operations, or you can contact the exclusive UK Wholesale Distributor to get enough seeds to support a commercial grow. On their site, you will also notice tabs like Featured Articles and Community Pages. These are links to external resources that might assist you in the cultivation journey, connect you with like minded individuals or give you insight into cannabis culture and how it is evolving.

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