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Barneys Farm

Barney’s Farm was started by a man named Derry who returned to Amsterdam from the Himalayas to bring forth his new found knowledge. He spent his time abroad in rural mountain areas learning the fine art of cross breeding cannabis genetics. The goal was to create impeccable plants that harnessed the superior traits of various strains from different regions around the world. Originally, he opened Barney’s Coffee Shop where people from all over the globe would come to experience sessions with superior buds. The online seed bank hit the scene in 1986 and the innovation has continued over the years as Derry’s passion for generating new and exciting plants has yet to cease. Many of the impeccable strains have won awards in notorious competitions like the Cannabis Cup, and some of the most popular herbs on the market today like Amnesia Haze, Cookies Kush and Tangerine Dream, originated here. Barney’s Farm has remained a top choice for superior pot seeds since its introduction almost thirty years ago, and the impressive collection continues to expand. The selections are easy to browse through, with the clear categories listed right at the top of the main page. They have feminized, autoflowering, regular, high CBD, best sellers and the new releases, all of which include numerous tasty choices. If you click into the cannabis seed collections tab, you will also find high THC, high CBD, chill out, energizing, cannabis cup winners and more. Every option has a lengthy description including genetics, growth requirements, flowering times, expected yields, effects, flavors, and scents. You can easily find a strain that will grow well in your climate, and get some insight into the best ways to nourish your seedlings into healthy, hefty producers. The price will vary depending on the seeds and how many you order. They provide the option to buy single seeds, or to buy your selected strains in multiples of three, five or ten. They often have a great selection of seeds on sale as well, so you can find deals that will suit any budget. If you are growing on a larger scale, you can also register for a wholesale account to receive wholesale prices to afford your commercial grow. They accept various payment methods, including credit, debit, and bank transfer, and ship to many places around the planet. You can contact their team via email or phone to find out if they ship to your country of residence, or for assistance at any other leg of the journey. The packages they ship out are unmarked to protect your privacy, so you can confidently order without any stress about neighbors or roommates knowing what you are up to! If you are hunting for more than seeds, they also happen to have a collection of Barney’s Farm swag, like rolling papers, lighters, grinders and other tools to help you enjoy your homegrown herb. They have been providing folks with amazing seeds for decades and the plethora of positive customer reviews will confirm that they are bringing you some of the most powerful and healthy seeds around!

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