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Azarius is a leading company in providing a vast array of healing herbs and smoking tools. It was developed in Europe by two folks with a passion for ethnobotany. The resources were limited at the time, so the two started gathering information and putting it together into a website with articles that were informative and easy to understand. In 1999, the duo started Azarius with the intention of making the psychoactive products they loved available for all. In the years that followed, their repertoire and team have expanded and they now have a large warehouse in Amsterdam that holds and ships their ever expanding catalog of previously stigmatized resources. They are motivated to inform people of the countless benefits of plants that have been given a bad rap, and do all they can to put the negative myths surrounding various medicines to rest. They started as an information based resource and that intention remains the core of their company despite their extensive list of sale items. The website includes an informative blog that covers a range of topics, including reviews of their various products. You can head into the Academy section of the site for an encyclopedia of terms as well to help you navigate the plethora of information and make the best choices to meet your needs. While they do not provide cannabis seeds, they have seeds to grow other popular plants with their own healing properties. Kratom is one of their big sellers and they have several brands in a myriad of forms. There are capsules, extracts, teas, powders, and tinctures which you can purchase and use. Lower doses act like a stimulant, while larger doses work to sedate in a similar way to opium. Along with Kratom, you can find psychedelic mushrooms, LSA seeds, salvia, nootropics and many more aphrodisiacs, psychedelics and other mind altering seeds and herbs. There are some seeds available as well, so you can try your hand at growing ancient healing plants like peyote. Azarius also has entire sections dedicated to toking tools. There are a myriad of different vaporizer types and brands, as well as pipes, ashtrays, papers, bonds, dabs, and cleaning products to keep everything working properly. Although the cannabis products are limited, many of the tools can be used to enhance your session with any substance. Their extensive catalog of various products is paired with supreme customer support. Azarius values providing excellent service as much as bringing you superior products, and they have your back as you explore and grow. They are more than happy to answer questions and  share their experience, so you can hopefully find a solution for managing ailments or better enjoying your favorite activities. They accept two secure payment options, iDeal and money transfer. The packages are unmarked to protect your privacy and are normally delivered within 1 or 2 days. Unfortunately, at this time, the delivery of these products is confined to the Netherlands, but that means awesome products that arrive quickly for those within range!

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