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Garberville, CA 95542, USA

Aficionado Mendocino

Aficionado Mendocino was founded in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle region and they cater to the boutique cannabis world. They custom tailor super exclusive and specially designed cannabis that’s reserved for a small select group of cannabis clients, and have been doing so for over 20 years. They pride themselves on their exemplary craftsmanship, with the aim to unite visionary artisanship and legendary heirloom genetics. They produce in limited numbers and high-quality exclusivity is only available to connoisseurs that have the dedication and put in the time to appreciate this kind of luxury. The website itself doesn’t actually sell seeds, which you will notice in a disclaimer all the way at the bottom of the initial landing page. Aficionado provides detailed information on their seeds and supplies links distributors that sell them as souvenirs. The webpage itself is all black with gold outline and white lettering. The very top of the page proudly displays that they’ve achieved 21x Cannabis Trophies and 16 Emerald Cup Awards. Their Sorbetto took first place for Live Resin in the 2019 Clouds in The City in Amsterdam, and for Flower at the 2018 Homegrown Cup. Their Cherry Limeade #6, Black Lime Reserve, and Royal Sour have all placed in the top five over the years in the Emerald Cup, with Chemdawg Special Reserve taking first place in 2012. Their Spyrock Sour was also mentioned, winning Best Fuel in the 2015 Golden Tarp. If you decide you want to place an order, you will need to create an account and log in. When you go to the Shop Seeds section of the website, you will see 24 individual selections listed in pictures of either a sleek black luxury looking Leostone Humboldt box, an Aficionado Humboldt certification of the particular strain, or a beautiful trichome frosted tree. The certificates have an official seal, the name of the strain, the genetic origin of the strain, how many total boxes are produced, and the official number of that box. Since Aficionado Mendocino works so closely with their breeders, in most cases, each strain has a unique description about that strain, sometimes from the grower themselves! So, you get very specific growing techniques, time, and temperatures, as opposed to a general estimation typical for that would be the usual for that particular brand of seed. The downside to the fact that they only produce a limited number of seeds is that once things are gone, they’re gone. Of all the strains that are listed, only about a handful are actually available, some of which are labeled as limited stock, while most other things are out of stock. This luxury boutique company grows all their seeds outside in the California sun in order to produce the highest quality, so don’t expect any autoflowers or indoor seeds here. The Aficionado Family Germination Guidelines is a pretty detailed page on all of the possible ways you can germinate your seeds, which require delicate care and attention to details as the seeds may be harder than growers are typically used to because they’re bred so thoroughly and hardy. Their private collections are only available in California, but the fact that they have international distributors suggests that they do ship seeds outside of the US.

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