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Growing Marijuana at Home: A Guide to Affordable Cannabis Growing

Growing marijuana from the comfort of your own home is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have if you’re looking to develop a new hobby or expand upon your passion for quality cannabis.

The overwhelming part comes in when it comes time for shopping around for equipment to help you grow your marijuana indoors and you realize you could easily spend hundreds of dollars on one piece of equipment to grow your cannabis.

Don’t give up- growing marijuana indoors is not only possible, but a lot easier than most people expect it to be! If you prepare yourself, there are several areas that can easily save a little cash but still yield a substantial harvest.

Are you looking to learn how to get started growing marijuana from home? Keep reading to learn more!

What Do You Need to Grow Weed at Home?

To get started growing marijuana from home, there are a few pieces of supplies that you’ll need. Don’t get yourself stressed out thinking about all of the things that you have to do to get started. Once you get all of the right supplies, your journey to growing marijuana will be much easier than you expect it to be.

Some of these things include:

  • Quality lighting
  • Grow tent
  • Pots
  • Smell filter
  • Fertilizer
  • Potting mix

If you’re not sure what a grow tent is or what kind of lighting you get to start growing your plants, we have it broken down for you here:

What Is a Grow Tent?

A grow tent is a reusable, portable grow room that’s comprised of a sturdy exterior made up of canvas. Typically, grow tents have a reflective interior material that helps to increase the effectiveness of the lights that are built into the grow tent. This reflective interior also provides the tend with insulation to increase the heat that the grow lights create, to help stimulate marijuana plants for growth.

Grow tends usually provide growers with an enclosed space that contains at least one grow light, as well as a little space to start growing a hydroponic garden inside. You can purchase grow tends in different sizes or shapes to better fit your personal marijuana growing need.

There are smaller tents available on the market that are perfect for people that are only interested in growing a few plants, such as people who are interested in using marijuana for medical purposes. There are also larger grow tents available out there if you’re interested in growing a complete garden of marijuana throughout the colder months.

Some grow tents also come with a ventilation system that provide increased control over air circulate and temperature. There are some grow tents that have been made specifically for hydroponic systems, if you’re interested in growing without having to use soil.

Grow tents are lightproof, which means that the plants that you’re growing inside of your tends aren’t affected by the outside light cycles. If you’re growing marijuana seeds that are sensitive and need specific conditions uring the different phases of growth, isolating your plants from outside conditions can help to encourage your marijuana plants to thrive.

What Is an LED Light?

An LED light (Light-Emitting Diode) is an electronic device that produces light after an electrical current is pass through it. LED lights have the capabilities of produce different color lights, such as blue, green, white, and red light.

When growing marijuana indoors, it’s encouraged to use LED lights, as they consume less energy, have a longer life span that other lighting sources. The most common LED lights that are used for indoor marijuana cultivation are:

  • Purple LED
  • COB LED (chip on board)
  • Spread-style LED

Purple LED is a standard LED light fixture and they’re readily available. COB LED lights standards for (chip on board) and is comprised of hundreds of tiny LED lights on a tiny, single chip. Spread-style LED lights are made up of a large number of small LEDs that are spread across a panel.

What Are Nutrients?

Cannabis is a very unique plant and it requires several essential nutrients to be able to grow into a healthy plant and yield a high amount of bud. Nutrients are the essential minerals that a plant needs to be to grow, while macronutrients are the secondary nutrients that plants need to germinate, grow, flower, and produce buds or seeds.

A nutrient is essential when it meets a specific criterion, ad in plant nutrition, this means that it has to be an essential component for the life cycle of the plant. The most essential nutrients that you need to grow a cannabis plant are:

  • Oxygen
  • Carbon
  • Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus

Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon are essential to growing cannabis plants and are provided by air, which means that you need to ensure your plants have proper ventilation in their grow tents. The other nutrients that cannabis plants need to grow can be found in the fertilizers that you feed to your cannabis plants.

What Is a Carbon Filter?

Carbon filters are tubes that contain carbon on their interior. You connect carbon filters to exhaust fans to force all of the air that’s extracted in your grow tent or grow room to pass through the filter. Since you’re growing in a tent, a carbon granule will be the perfect fit for your growing needs.

Growing marijuana plants indoors is super convenient, especially if you’re looking to harvest your plants during the cold winter months. The biggest drawback that comes with growing marijuana plants inside is the dank smell that can often fill up your whole house. While you can use an air purifier to help to eliminate the smell, it won’t completely get rid of it.

If you’re looking to completely get rid of the smell that’s produced while you’re growing marijuana, carbon filters is the best option for you to use. Carbon filters provide an air extraction solution that keeps the dank smell out of your house while also ensuring that it isn’t sent anywhere else.

What Are Hydroponics?

Purchasing soil to grow your marijuana plants in can be messy and expensive. Hydroponics is a growing method that uses a nutrient-water solution to grow plants in, rather than depending on a nutrient-dense soil. You can easily grow hydroponic marijuana pants in a hand-watering pot that has a nutrient-rich water solution in the pot.

If you’re looking to grow a large number of plants using hydroponics, you’ll need to invest in a sophisticated system that contains reservoirs, pumps, and timers. Not interested in growing your plants in soil? Aeroponics is a much more affordable option to grow your plants!

What Are Aeroponics?

Aeroponics are a type of hydroponic system and is a unique method of growing, because you don’t have to use a growing medium. This growing method requires the roots of a cannabis plant to be suspended mid-air inside of a tent or chamber that contains 100% humidity. To keep your plant healthy, you’ll have to spray the roots with water that contains the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

This growing method makes it much easier for the roots of your plants to absorb more oxygen and nutrients. As an end result, this can cause your marijuana plants to grow faster than it would it t were growing in soil.

What Is a Cannabis Seed?

Cannabis seeds grow into marijuana plants. If you’re looking to grow your own marijuana plants indoors, you’ll have to purchase cannabis seeds to start growing your first plants. When purchasing your cannabis seeds, you’ll have to choose between three different types of seeds:

  • Auto-flowering
  • Regular
  • Feminized

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are perfect for beginners, as this type of seed only produces female marijuana plants. If you have no growing experience, identifying the sex of your marijuana plants may prove to be a little difficult.

Not identifying your male marijuana plants in time can cause your whole garden to become ruined, as you won’t be able to harvest any bud. When not removed in time, male marijuana plants will pollinate female marijuana plants, causing the female plants to produce cannabis seeds instead of bud.

Auto-flowering Seeds

Cannabis plants require a specific light schedule to enter into the flowering stage. Auto-flowering seeds are available in both feminized and regular cannabis seeds, making them perfect for indoor growers. This type of marijuana seed doesn’t require a specific light schedule to enter its flowering stage and enters into its flowering stage based on the age of the plant.

Sticking to a specific light schedule to encourage your plants to enter into a flowering stage can be difficult when growing inside, which is why auto-flowering seeds are perfect for indoor growers.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

This type of marijuana seed contains a mixture of both male and female marijuana plants. There’s no way to tell what gender a seed is until a plant enter its pre-flowering stage, which means you’ll have to put out effort growing male marijuana plants that don’t have any use besides pollinating females.

Growing Your Own Marijuana Plants

You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in getting started on your first cannabis plants. Growing marijuana plants indoors is a rewarding experience, especially if you’re interested in growing your own plants for self-medicating.

Are you looking to purchase cannabis seeds to get started on your growing journey? Check out our shop for our available inventory!

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