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Weed For Dogs

Many people are now buying weed for dogs, but not in the way you might think. While it's never advisable to blow marijuana smoke into your dog's nose, weed has been shown to effectively treat many canine ailments. However, it is recommended by veterinarians that people who give weed to their dogs only give THC-free weed. Particularly, the CBD compound in marijuana has many healthful benefits for pooches, but THC will cause a psychoactive response as it does in humans. This is a no-no.

Why Do People Give Weed to Dogs?

As dogs get older, many of them develop health issues that can change their behavior and make them lethargic. For example, it's not uncommon to see larger dogs develop hip and joint issues or arthritis. When given CBD, many dogs who have developed these kinds of issue will swim again, run in the park again, and they are often able to stand up and lie down again without trouble- many for the first time in a very long time!

There are also dogs who have seizures who benefit greatly from medicinal weed. Although seizures in dogs are relatively rare, they are a common enough problem that we need to be mindful of this condition. Dog owners whose dogs have seizures rave about the benefits of medical weed for their dogs. Most of them claim that their dogs completely stopped having seizures following CBD treatments.

Can Weed for Dogs Help Them Eat?

Some dogs can be very picky eaters and may not eat their whole meal. This can be worrisome for loving dog owners who know that their pet's health depends on them getting the nutrition their bodies need. Weed for dogs has achieved phenomenal results in terms of increasing appetite. Dogs who don't eat enough or won't eat dog food usually start eating better once they are on CBD.

As far as weed is concerned, CBD oil is definitely the best and safest choice for dogs. One CBD oil tincture from Charlie's Chewables will last roughly one month. That means that, for about $40 a month, you can get your dog on a CBD regimen. CBD stays in a dog's body for about 12 hours, so we are looking at two small doses under the tongue each day. It's very affordable, and it's very easy to administer, even for finicky dogs!

Is Medicinal Weed Safe for Dogs?

Charlie's Chewables have no THC, which means that you can have weed for dogs and not worry about them getting high. This is important because you can get your dogs taken away in most states for getting them high. It's important to know that the products you are giving them are safe and pure, such as the products sold by Charlie's Chewables. It's important to give your dog the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the high.

Weed For Dogs

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