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Recreational Marijuana Colorado

Recreational Marijuana Colorado

Whether you stay in Colorado or you've heard so much of it, and you are there or planning to go there for a short break, looking for the best and most popular weed strains in the best Colorado dispensary.

You might have heard of strains like Blue Dream with its aroma like the burst of berries. Durban Poison comes with invigorating euphoria that feeds the mind with a burst of creativity and streamlined focus.

While these strains are no doubt widely distributed and demanded, some new kids on the block are fast overtaking the big boys in terms of popularity and quality. In this article, we give you the best ten strains of weed in Colorado.

Agent Orange

This strain is a combination of Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet found in the best Colorado dispensary. It is also of the Sativa strain, which means that its high effect is felt more in the mind while keeping the body in a very calm buzz. Agent Orange is marked by its strong smell and sweet orange taste.

Death Star

Also of the Sativa strain that produces more high in the mind, the Death Star is one of the most popular weed strains in Colorado. It's a product gotten from Sour Diesel and the Sensei Star. It has a strong smell of fresh earth mixed with aromatic diesel. 

Original Glue

This is a potent combination of Chen's Sister, Sour Fun and chocolate diesel. It's of the Indica strain, which means its high is felt more in the body than in mind. The Original Glue comes with a very early taste, leaving you glued to a spot for as long as its effect is in place. It's no wonder it's so popular in the recreational dispensaries in Denver, Colorado.

Sour Diesel

Certainly not a stain that's hard to find in all recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, the Sour Diesel's Sativa effect lets you move around with a heightened sense of appreciation for the outdoors and nature in general. This is why it is widely demanded in Colorado's best weed dispensaries.

Mob Boss

Not only is the Mob Boss dominantly Sativa, it is also used for medical purposes like treating pain, anxiety and loss of appetite. This strain is a mixture of Tang Tang and a phenotype of Chemdawg. The Mob Boss is also known for its ardent earthly flavours of citrus, wildflower and herbs and easily found in recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.

All of these strains can be found in Colorado and recreational dispensaries near Denver. Asides from those mentioned here, Colorado Is full and brimming with different strains of cannabis, including those strains that are made organically by growers, which you cannot find anywhere else.

 As a newcomer, either in the city or to the cannabis life generally, you might want to carry out self-serving research of which of the strains goes well with you. However, do not miss out on trying as many of the strains as you can. After all, variety is the spice of life.

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