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Marijuana Delivery

Marijuana Delivery

In 2021, millions of people enjoy the comfort of legal home delivery of the cleanest and most potent marijuana strains. Do you believe you can get weed in your home without any legal complications?

The legalization of cannabis in various parts of the United States makes the delivery process straightforward. We have a convenient and straightforward way for you to get all your marijuana products to your doorstep.

The process is relatively similar to the process of delivering any other kind of product. The only difference is that some states have specific restrictions on the amount of cannabis one can receive at any given time. Some states only allow cannabis delivery near me for recreational purposes, while others require one to have a medical prescription. Do not worry about these details because we have complete documentation on cannabis delivery services in all the states. 

The process of marijuana delivery service in California

Our team works to make the process as simple as possible by allowing you to order and check out items as you would in a typical shopping process. You only have to browse through the online shop for all products you want and complete the shopping so we can begin the shipping process.

The first step is to verify your status as a legal marijuana user and include your shipping address on the package. We have a continuous email messaging update throughout the process and let you know what to expect at each delivery step.

Amount of marijuana delivery

Commonly, most states only allow up to an ounce of cannabis in delivery order. The limit may vary according to one’s medical prescription and adult consumer limitations. California allows an ounce of a flower, 8gms of extracts, and 1000mg of THC edibles. Florida has a different policy where it allows users to receive a 70-day supply, while Michigan allows 15mgs of concentrates or 2.5 ounces of flower deliverables.

Our marijuana delivery service will inform you when you reach your limits and possibly offer all other necessary information to facilitate additional orders. Keep in mind that it is best to have one delivery a day to adhere to state and other regional laws.

Safety of delivery

There is significant progress on the shame surrounding cannabis consumption. Most people prefer a safe and secure delivery service to arouse the curiosity of unwelcome neighbors and family. There is no shame in weed delivery service when you work with 7 Points because we keep the package discreet.

Our delivery personnel and courier follow dozens of regulations to deter illegal practices, robbery, and other inconveniences. The services also implement Covid-19 health protocols to prevent the risk of infection when you buy THC and CDB vapes and other packages. You must complete all payments online to prevent all kinds of contact because the payment transaction is cashless.

The customer support team is readily accessible to get all answers to all questions before making an order. You can also get answers about your order status, payment process, and returns. Check out products in the shop and order online, or find a find weed delivery near me for faster delivery.

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Marijuana Delivery
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