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CBD Dosage for Sleep

CBD Dosage for Sleep

Much of the research for CBD dosage for sleep are still in their early stages. However, we know that this compound is one of the different forms of cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. These compounds are known to interact with a system in your body, known as the endocannabinoid system.

Due to this interaction, they can assist in regulating various functions in your body to help you achieve a state of balance and stability. Some research strongly suggests that CBD for sleep or CBD for insomnia is possible. 

Can CBD Truly Help You With Sleep Problems?

Lack of sleep or the inability to rest when you need to does not exist in isolation. This problem is often caused by other things, some of which are internal factors. They include:

  • Stress or anxiety
  • Sleep-distorting medication
  • Late-night caffeine
  • Loud noises, uncomfortable beds, etc.

Most of these problems are things that you can solve yourself. You can begin by taking coffee less or taking it earlier in the day. Alongside that, you can stop using sleep-distorting medication or get noise cancellation headphones. However, you cannot stop feeling anxious at will, and this is where CBD comes in.

This compound has been proven to help you deal with anxiety. By dealing with the root cause of your inability to sleep, it takes away the barrier to your good night’s rest. Different works of research back it up. In a 2019 study, 79.2% and 66.7% of the patients reported better anxiety control and better sleep, respectively.

Unlike its psychoactive counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD doesn’t get you high. Therefore, you are more likely to fall asleep peacefully from the effects of CBD.

What Is The Appropriate CBD Dosage For Sleep?

The appropriate dosage of cannabidiol in anxiety and sleep is dependent on several factors. For starters, the method you use in taking the CBD is essential. For example, sublingually applied CBD goes into the system faster than oils rubbed onto the skin. As such, you’ll need a higher CBD dosage in oils for skin because much of it gets “lost in transit.”

Alongside that is your total body mass. This is the fundamental reason children have to take lower prescriptions than adults. Their bodies don’t need quite as much as someone bigger. Ordinarily, worrying about all of this can be pretty tiring. It’s even more so when you just want to get your CBD and sleep.

Thankfully, you do not have to worry too much about your dosage, and you certainly don’t need a lengthy CBD dosage guide. All our products have been dosed for you already. You can just get what you need, use it as directed, and go right to sleep afterward.

CBD dosage for sleep can be a problematic topic, if you’re dealing with insomnia. The chances are that you’re already functioning at minimal capacity. CBD does help with sleeping problems, and you don’t need to worry about the dosage. We’ve got that covered. So, contact nhaler via (800-497-6059) or shop our products.


CBD Dosage for Sleep

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