cannabis Long Island

cannabis Long Island

 If you or a loved one are seeking for a new treatment that is less toxic for your body than the prescription medication you are currently on, marijuana may be the answer for you! Medical cannabis in Long Island has been legal for a few years now, and many patients at Natural Pain Solutions have found the relief they have been looking for.

Can you overdose on medical marijuana?

Although there are no known deaths from marijuana use alone, you can overdose, and the effects can be very frightening! There is a misconception that this plant is entirely safe, aside from some minor side effects. The truth is, very high doses can cause extreme panic, hallucinations, increased heart rate, and more. There have even been rare cases of uncontrollable vomiting and panic attacks that have led to hospital visits.

Some of these side effects can be extreme and very unpleasant, which is why it is important that you consult a doctor who has experience in working with marijuana-based treatments. However, when compared to most of the medications given to patients, both over-the-counter and prescription, they are a lot safer. All medications come with adverse side-effects, and many of them include death from overdose; this is one thing you won’t have to worry about with cannabis.

Can medical marijuana help PTSD patients?

There have been a variety of studies showing that patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who have used this plant as treatment have reported improved sleep and decreased anxiety. Someone with PTSD may have experienced an extremely traumatic event in their life and will have a hard time sleeping, experience nightmares, and have unprovoked feelings of fear and anger to the point of diminishing their quality of life. Using medical cannabis in Long Island will help fight these issues and improve your quality of life.

Currently, most patients with PTSD receive antidepressants. However, only 1 in 9 show any signs of improvement from the treatment. Cannabis helps by replacing the missing endocannabinoids that people who suffer from PTSD are shown to have. This helps improve their mood and also sleep pattern and decrease nightmares as well.

How do I get medical marijuana for PTSD?

If you have received a PTSD diagnosis, and regular treatment is not working for you, then you need to see a professional medical expert who has experience with marijuana-based treatment. PTSD is hard to diagnose, and, sometimes, symptoms may not show up until months after a traumatic event. Some people don’t even have to experience something dangerous to develop PTSD; the death or injury of a loved one can also trigger this disorder.

Once you know for sure that you are suffering from this disorder and want to do something about it, then getting medical cannabis in Long Island may be the answer for you. You should always talk to an expert first, and the medical staff at Natural Pain Solutions have the experience and know-how to get you on a treatment that works best for you!

cannabis Long Island
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